Saturday, September 8, 2018

(Backup) Seattle Gummies

My first Gummy and I was in love 

Caffeinated Gummies for running and racing-YES 
Each gummy has 100mg of caffeine and in each pack there are two Gummies. I tried the Dark Chocolate Raspberry flavor. Yum. Dark and rich it has not too sweet. I tried my first one during a trail run from Seven Hills Running store in Seattle. By the first mile I felt already more aware and awake - mile 2-8 sped by.

No stomach issues or side effects- just a immediate increase in energy with a sweet taste. Perfect.
I had a gummy in the middle of my 13.1 race in Michigan- at mile 5. My calves woke up and my pace significantly increased by 15 seconds a mile. YES. Love these gummies! I just now have to try the orange flavor. Highly recommend for racing and running.

I was 10th overall and 1st Master)

Seattle Gummy Company also has a recovery gummy that has carbohydrates to recharge cells, BCAA blend for muscle regrowth and Vitamin B complex to facilitate energy storage. These are recommended to be  ingested immediately after a run. After my race I ate   3 Gummies ( a total of 75 calories and 14 grams of carbohydrates) I felt my energy  revived and renewed. Another YES. Sweet tasty yum.

My discount code that you can use is:

They can be ordered online here!)

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Salming Race 6

Yes my favorite light weight road shoe from Salming 
It comes in at 142g and has a 5mm drop. Mesh lining makes it super breathable and it has a Lite rubber outsole and Runlite midsole. 

I use the Race6 just for my races- half marathon and shorter distance. 

Flexible on the road with just enough cushion to give your foot a tiny bounce on the pavement.
Easy to pick up the pace and adjust mid stride.

Hands down my pick for road racing bliss. 

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Recovery tools, techniques and Advice

Important if not more important that the miles and training. I use recovery in a structured fashion just as I do training. Very important to my training is rest. Hard. Sessions and tough training weeks equal a focus on rest  and downtime. My coach has me in mini training periods after a big race. I come back to training after 5 to 10 days off feeling ready and refreshed.  
Post workout: I incorporate rolling using a trigger point roll 3 to 4 times per week. This I will do to "iron out" muscles in my upper abs lower legs. Vital. 

Another integral if not the most important part for muscle recovery is protein. This article in Runner's World illustrates how protein post workout is vital to maintain and promote muscle repair.  https://www.runners 
I drink a half of a protein shake made with CocoaElite Protein powder, ice cubes and a half of a banana. Daily. 30 minutes after my session. This helps my muscles recover.  This study below shows how important Whey Protein is in the recovery process after high mileage and marathons. I average between 80 and 100 miles and I believe Whey Protein to be vitally important to ingest within 30 minutes of a hard session. try to make my protein shake the night before then I can sip  on it for hours after my workout abd at work. I use the CocoaElite protein powder in ice cream as well! Yum!  My new favorite protein to use  is the CocoaElite overnight protein powder. Twice a week I will mix this into ice cream and eat it before sleep- twice the recovery! This article below highlights the importance of sleep and the athlete. Sleep is so needed almost as much as the training itself . 
Another article from The Washington Post shows sleep as a " magic pill". All the more reason to turn off my phone and rest. I have found my sweet spot is 6.5 hours although I can get- by on 6! Add in the Whey Protein before bed and my muscles will get a double dose of recovery time. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Japan and Learning

Japan February 2018
I made it solo
I loved the people o so much! Even though I could not speak the language we could understand each other completely- people on trains and in stores 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Not all roses


It seemed that everyone that raced it in December had a fabulous race, a new PR or an Olympic Qualifer
Perfect weather 
Fabulous crowds

Not me

I disliked the course with its unrelenting rolling roads 
My legs were beat up by mile 8. I disliked the boring roads. Really one of my least favorite courses.

I had the best half of a marathon ever. Fast. On target for my 305. 
Stomach blew up. Legs cramped. I knew it by mile 15. I walked. Yes. Walked. 
I finished and my gosh I was happy about that. My best time in over a year, but, so far from my goal.
Onward we go. Onward I march. 
One day it will be mine. Not CIM ever again for me though. 

I raced Yuma AZ half marathon last week 
Great race. Love AZ.
On target. Legs felt heavy from 95 mile weeks in January. My fitness is coming straight along.
A podium third was wonderful. Not a PR but I was not going for one.Tokyo training 

Tokyo 3 weeks.
Huge thank you to my coach.
Michael Crouch 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

5ks and turkeys and Flagstaff

Three weeks ago I was in my home state of Michigan 
I had a 5k sandwiched in a 20 mile session) leading up to CIM marathon.

The day was warm and grey. Overcast. Felt good. Strong. 4 mile warmup. Changed out of warm up gear. Ran to the start. Found the pace. Held it. 
First women. Lovely.

5ks are not not my race ever of choice, but I am getting better at them! Happiest with the win

Then I jogged into my 10 mile session.
My best Friend ran as well and came in first in her age group!!!!!

Next I had a 5 mile turkey day race
Cold cold cold
Warmed up with three

The race was good. My watch stopped after 2 miles lol so I just gauged the pace.
On track and strong. 
Came in fourth women and 1st age group 

Fun day with teammates

This was after a brilliant weekend running in Flagstaff AZ for training. All at 7,000 to 10,000 alt

Brilliant in Flag. Excellent training miles I had there 
Ready to go back ............