Saturday, September 8, 2018

(Backup) Seattle Gummies

My first Gummy and I was in love 

Caffeinated Gummies for running and racing-YES 
Each gummy has 100mg of caffeine and in each pack there are two Gummies. I tried the Dark Chocolate Raspberry flavor. Yum. Dark and rich it has not too sweet. I tried my first one during a trail run from Seven Hills Running store in Seattle. By the first mile I felt already more aware and awake - mile 2-8 sped by.

No stomach issues or side effects- just a immediate increase in energy with a sweet taste. Perfect.
I had a gummy in the middle of my 13.1 race in Michigan- at mile 5. My calves woke up and my pace significantly increased by 15 seconds a mile. YES. Love these gummies! I just now have to try the orange flavor. Highly recommend for racing and running.

I was 10th overall and 1st Master)

Seattle Gummy Company also has a recovery gummy that has carbohydrates to recharge cells, BCAA blend for muscle regrowth and Vitamin B complex to facilitate energy storage. These are recommended to be  ingested immediately after a run. After my race I ate   3 Gummies ( a total of 75 calories and 14 grams of carbohydrates) I felt my energy  revived and renewed. Another YES. Sweet tasty yum.

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