Wednesday, May 21, 2014

94 and 95

Fargo marathon last Sunday. Perfect weather, 55 and cloudy. The race pickup was hectic but had lots of free stuff and snacks! 

The day I felt ok- my glute had been very sore the week prior and I had a massage- which helped. 
I changed my priorities to finishing healthy and having a strong time, but not pushing for a PR as planned. I can not have an injury ) 
I paced with one of my wonderful Manic Marathon friends to a 317 finish.
Not the time I could race, but satisfied with a top 10 and age group win .

State sub four 46 done .

Marathon number 95 and Sub four State 47 was the next Sunday in Northern Maine.

Sugarloaf resort. It was gorgeous 

Pine trees, waterfalls , hills. 

Turned to be one of my top 5 marathons as a favorite.

My glute and leg still ached so I was not sure of even finishing - 

Raced the first 14 easy. Then my Garmin stopped . Again . No time on the course do no idea my pace. My leg was hurting, but I sucked it up and paced the last 8 miles at a sub 700 pace. 

Not happy with the finish time but thrilled with a top 10 again and Age group award !

I saw a moose which made my trip and I met some cool new friends. 

Recover time for the next 2 weeks. June with bring a USATF-NE 5mile team race and a Mt. 7.6 race 

Goal for UT marathon will be speed !