Monday, February 6, 2017

Yuma AZ

I love  Yuma
Lettuce fields dates fresh vegetables eveywhere 

Marathon number 120

In the middle of nowhere on the way to mexico

The marathon was an out and back by lettuce fields on the west end of the city 
Freezing at the start I could not open my Gel Honey Stinger until mile 10- mistake- no gloves

I paced behind the lead women to mile 10 knowing she would fall behind 
I passed her and picked up pace by 10 sec per mile

Halfway thought a negative split would occur - felt great, no watch, looking at the scenery...

The winds kicked in at mile 20. They were headon and cold.
I trucked along and my pace slowed considerably in the wind.
Still in the lead. Finished first women fourth overall.

Huge thanks to my coach Michael Crouch from Mckirdy Training 

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