Sunday, March 12, 2017

10 Mile Prep Race

Had an awesome time for a 10 mile prep race 2 weeks ago
My coach and I discussed using it as a prep race at 85% effort. The race day was bright with perfect weather 
I used 1 Honey Stinger GEl and 2 pieces of RunGum 
The first mile was settling in then got my pace
Felt great
Hard to hold back as the miles kept on rolling by- stuck with the game plan and kept my effort at 85% 
Finished fresh and added on 4 miles.
Ended up 10th of 230 which was great.
Feeling that my build up to Pittsburgh marathon is on point- May7th goal race.
Coming up next, after a smashing 17 mile with6 mikes at MP today, is a half marathon, 2 rivers the end of March and then a USATF-NE 15 k and Blackstone Valley 5k in April.

Last week I signed with CocoaElite- thrilled. They are a company out of Pittsburgh that specializes in using Cocoa Power in their protein powders, recovery products, and Cocoa.
I love chocolate and sweet tasting protein powders so this is perfect for my recovery and Performance needs. Debbie Bruno is the owner and has been brilliant in welcoming me to the team other elite athletes that he has gathered with CocoaElite. Thrilled to see how 2017 will be - stronger and fitter with my new affiliation❤️💪🏃‍♀️