Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hoover Dam

On my quest to have all my marathon states be BQ's, my last one was NV. 
Hoover Dams course was not easy . At all. But I like hills  
I met some friends at the packet pickup and then at the start. 
I felt tapered and very confident 
I went out easier for the first 2 miles per coach Mike. Then I ramped it up. Felt great at 13.1. 
The second round of hills were more draining for sure . 
I took a gel at 14 miles then pushed into the mountains 
The Last 6 miles brought it in at 650 pace  and felt very strong
I came in as first women and led from the start 
My goal complete as the third women in the USA to have a BQ marathon in every state and DC
Thank you to Skechers, Honey Stinger, Amrita, OnlyAtoms, RuninRabbit, LaceLocker, Swiftwick , NuttZo

2017 goal is a sub 300 marathon and to qualify for the USA long distance team 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

NJ one day

On Nov 12th I started at the NJ day one fest 

My goal was 125 miles to make the USA long distance team list

Started great goal pace in tact for the first 6 hrs 

Fueling steadily and no issues 

Then the cold came in 
Not prepared with clothes and no crew
My fingers and hands froze and my legs as well 

I could not imagine continuing for the overnight for 16 more hours 

I decided to stop at 9hrs and drive home
A lot to bring with me to my next attempt in may for the team. Crew and clothes will be prepared 

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Marathon 117 and 49th BQ state fine and done

Perfect weather of 55 and overcast in Bowling Green KY 
Did a shake out run of 3 miles at the start 

The day of started on time at 7. The hills were early and plentiful 
I kept it easy for the first round of hills , then flat from 7-12, passing runners around miles 10-16, the second round of the hills was better as I knew what was coming up 

Felt a bit weary at miles 20-22 then was able to pick it back up 
Finished happy to be done - thought I had the win, but one lady was in front of me 

Second overall Women 
Grand event but hard 

Next up NJ Day One 24HR event Nov 12th
Going for it to make the long distance team ........

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Train

Ran The Ghost Train Ultra yesterday as a tool for pacing and nutrition for my A Goal race, 24 HR NJ one day November 11th. This serves as a qualifier race for the USA long distance team.

Practiced keeping my pace steady and fueling every 3.5 miles. I only ate 8 Honey Stinger chomps, one half Gel, 3 small cups tailwind, 3 small butterfingers bites, 2 hard candies , 1 half cup coke during the 6.5 hours I was running

Officially stopped at 30 miles to be counted. I then took my number off and ran for another 10, to again practice mentally for the 24hr. Third , podium, female for that distance.

Fell once but not bad. Felt overall great. 

Up next BG KY State championship marathon Nov 6th

Thank you
Skechers Performance Team 
GoRun Forzas
Honey Stinger Gel
Swiftwick 12'. Socks
Amrita Bars

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Empire State

Marathon number 115

Perfect overcast weather 50 degrees
Felt ready and slept well for a change
Started once again too slow, but once I saw I was in the lead picked it up

The best part was having a lead and behind bike lead the whole race. I felt very special 

Miles 14-18 yuk. Pit spot which significantly lowered my finish time a D I expended too much energy trying to get back on pace

Miles 20-26 grand. Kept a 710 steady and negative split the race!
Broke the tape which was thrilling 
Happiest to be done.

Felt strong. Ready for a 305 in November at KY state championship marathon on the 6th.
Big thanks to 

Skechers Performance- GORun4's
Swiftwick socks- 12' pink
Honey Stinger- 2 chocolate gels
LaceLocker- Blue LaceLockers
Amrita- PreRace half of a Maca Chocolate Bar
Runinrabbit- post race sweet trucker hat
NuttZo- PreRace PB
My coach- Justin Gillette 

Next up Ghost Train 45 mile ultra Oct 22

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

MO #115

You I raced MO St Charles as a b race prep for Syracuse NY Oct 9

Going back this fall to have all of my marathon state races be BQ's. 
MO was half trail half road
Lots of twists in the downtown area

Started in the lead pack on point a bit fast

Too fast by the 10k- so I eased a bit

Mikes 13-18 were gravel trail - yuck and flat. I love hillier courses

Paced with a gentleman to 18, legs on fire, felt dizzy again as I did in the half last weekend. I told myself suck it up and downed a honey stinger gel

Last 6 were off goal pace but steady 
4th women they carted me to the med text again, I was ok I'm 10 min
Blood work to turn into Inside Tracker this week!
Got to see good friends Cade Dennis and Glen!!

SyracyNY Sunday goal A race
Thank you to 
Skechers GO Run 4
Swiftwick aspire socks
Honey stinger gel
Amrita bar
NuttZo PB pre race
Lace Lockers
Only Atoms gear 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Shoes And Fall Marathons

DI raced the Seasons 20k 2 weeks ago
Loved the course, quite hilly but gorgeous lands in Acton MS
Humid day and then the rain came at mile 8- 10 degree change 
Came out with a 20k PR

This Sunday raced in Akron Oh
Best part was meeting MEB K , I was in the elite - seeded area before the race and I ran up to him, thanked him, shook his hand and smiled , he was so gracious!!!!!

The race I was very tired
Fluid intake too low and started weaving at mile 8. Med tent stop for 3 mins and drank half a power aide 
So much better. I raced as best I could to the half end. A good time if not for the stop..... Sigh.... Too much work stress and not enough fluids and nutrients totally blew my chances for a PR in the 26.2

Resting eating Resting
MO cowbell 26.2 this weekend then Syracuse NY the weekend after 

Love the GOMEB 3's perfect for racing 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"Where are the buses?"

Made it to the proper star Marquete MI 26.2 

Lovely memories almost did not happen
With my mum as my new race crew' she desired to take me to the start line instead of taking the bus and then waiting in the cold- awesome!

We left and went to the start area

No one was there, no worries as it was an HR to the start, all the port o Johns empty , parking lot ready and clear

So we waited and waited and waited , now I was worried, rechecked the map- we were at the mine area for the 13.1!!!! Panic, so we hit the road at 80 mph lol made it to the proper start and ran to the start with 7 min to spare! Lol fun panic!))))

Started too conservative . Then had to make up in the second half

The second 13.1 miles were flat to 20 then up and down and around a peninsula 

Finished. Hot tired
7th women third AG
Faster then last weekend in Quebec by 5 min with a beg split

Great run

Thank you SKECHERS, Amrita, Honey stinger, Lace Locker, NuttZo, Swiftwick, Only Atoms
Next up Akron OH