Monday, September 28, 2015

The fall , 10k and Berlin

Erie marathon was set in Erie PA , rainy day during packet pickup, I was ready for cooler temperatures. I was ready for a good marathon.

The day dawed clear and 50 degrees. Started off at my pace and felt great. One GU, hydrated, on track for a PR.

Then : my foot was tripped up by another foot and we both went down hard on the cement. - mile 12. not good. I was bleeding but not not sure how bad I was hurt- just very upset my race was interrupted. Made it to the med tent , driven, they patched me up. I rested . Then to hotel and home. What a day.sigh.........

The next weekend was the last USATFNE race for the year, The Lone Gull 10k. 
Hour drive with my lovey team. I felt good , but very tired. Warmed up with 2 miles. Hit my pace for the first 2, then the tired ness hit me. backed down then tried again at mile 6. 

Came in with a horrid time, but good workout and not last on the team. Rounded out the day with 13 miles and needed time with my running teammates.

On to Berlin my 3rd World marathon major race.( Chicago and Boston already)

Very cool city- The Wall was amazing 

We did the 5k breakfast run and ended in the Olympic stadium- epic 
Race day was perfect, so so many runners, 40,000. Very chilly but no wind.
Great race I ran, although 2 pit stops took 7 min from my time. Ran a neg split and pulled off a fast last 10k feeling stronger and faster.  Beautiful course.
Headed down the right road to faster times and Heath coming ......... A ways to go......

In 3 weeks Syracurse NY marathon. Headed for a sub 315 goal 

TY to my sponsers I could not have more support than from you:

Best socks ever: Swiftwick
Shoes: Karhu 
Amrita Health Food all natural vegan bars
Honey Stinger GU and products
OnlyAtoms running wear 

Thank you to my coach and for believing in me still ..... Justin Gillette 
Jake Gillette 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Relay to Mountain

The end of August I was able to join Mystics racing team at the Lynn woods relay race , our team had 4 ladies each doing a 2.5 mike leg in the woods.

Such fun

The night was warm and humid, saw a lot of friends . The course was a bit hilly but all trail. I was tired, but tried to put in a good effort for my team.

We were second overall which was wonderful !! Great teammates and friends.Mystic Ladies )

Yesterday I ran Mt Greylock mountain. It was the second to last in the mountain USATF-NE series. Beautiful day. Perfect and sunny with deep blue skies.

A large field of runners started.  8 miles up , some of the course was flat then curved up. I did not know what to expect thus felt I could of ran faster at the start. 

Felt good. I was eigth overall and second in my Age Group which was massively cool. Happy.

Now to taper properly for Erie Marathon next Sunday.