Wednesday, December 31, 2014


So many memories
The best are with my friends at the races -Fargo marathon and Alaska marathon each with a special member from my runnibg team the best....

9 marathons , 2 second places for NV runs with the Angels and then for The big wildlife run in Alaska

Marathon number 100 complete at BCS marathon in TX- AG second and 8th place 

4 mountain races- Loon Mt championships, and Mt Washington 2 of my hardest yet favorite. Amazing .

One win for Morgan Valley UT)))

 5 AG awards

new states were NV, Washington DC not a state but I counted it as part of my quest, ND, ME, UT, Alaska, and NJ for my sub four state quest

Only Hawaii left to go

I am now an IronRunner for the USATF-NE series!!! Another goal completed and very proud of 

Next year the same along with the mountain series))))) 

Sub 3:00 marathon goal for 2015
To be Heathly and stronger, number on goal - this has plagued my races later in 2014, my health. Need to be stronger and faster. For myself, my goals and my team 

Thank you to my sponsers and keeping them for 2015! So excited for that and your support.

My coaches and new nutrition coach

My team

I am racing for Heath for Swiftness and to mentally reach for new goals for 2015. Powerfully and with Sisu