Friday, June 26, 2015


Mt Washington road race

7.8 miles uphill 

Lovely day with bright sunshine.
I felt good at the start although warm already at mile 1, dressed  in too many layers. Miles to 3 I took my pace TOO easy any then was trying to make up ground in the second half . Not recommended for an uphill race!))) in a marathon I could pull this off but not here.

I maintained my pace up the rock pile increasing it by 1 min per mile . Finished feeling too fresh and strong. This showed me that I did not push harder at the start and that my fitness was solid . 
Top 13 AG and our USATF-NE CMS open team placed 5 th .

This race I will do yearly and cannot wait to do again with a better pace procedure. Also I will wear racing flats.

Thank you to my sponcers for the support which helps me race so well !

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mountain to 5k to Mountain

Last Sun was race number 2 of the USATF- NE Mountain Series- Pack Monadack 10 mile

Gorgeous day. I was good very good on pace for my goal. Miles  8 to 10 were uphill- all the way. My legs were so heavy at this point- mental effort to continue! 
5 th AG and top 20

Grand fun time. Met a new friend from Janji Corps. 

Thursday night was a USATF- NE Grsnd Prix 5k. Ran it with my CMS team. Very hot - felt ill the last. .3 , but got a good very good time for myself for a 5 k, happy with my effort. Best time with my team , we ended up fifth in open in heavy competition 

Yesterday was Ascutney MT 3.7 USATF-NE Mountain race. Grand conditions, but I felt overheated at mile 2. 

I pushed hard and beat my time from last year placing 5 th AG. Happy for my race as it will predict a fast time for MT Washington next Sat.  Fast is completely relative as it is all uphill. 

Feel stronger and confident 
Thank you for the support ambassador for:

Monday, June 1, 2015

VT and Hydration

Burlington VT marathon done)
Success in some  areas

Travel over the weekend from Detroit to Burlington depleted my fluid intake so unfortunately my race suffered and I spent. 10 min in the med tent in the middle of the marathon.

Goal met for scoring for my USATF-NE CMS team. We came in fourth in The open division.

Also it was a BQ race for me to help my goals of running a BQ marathon in every state , this race replaced my previous VT marathon time by 12 minutes.

Happy and mentally exhausted at the end. Goal MP on track till mile 10. Looking forward to ME Lubec the end of June as an epic challenging marathon !

I ran a 5k yesterday to get some speed in , hilly, humid yet I felt good in my legs and  pulled off a second place.

Next weekend is the mountain series race at Pack Monanadock , USATF-NE race number 3- super excited to challenge myself to a speedier race for my CMS team.