Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mountain to 5k to Mountain

Last Sun was race number 2 of the USATF- NE Mountain Series- Pack Monadack 10 mile

Gorgeous day. I was good very good on pace for my goal. Miles  8 to 10 were uphill- all the way. My legs were so heavy at this point- mental effort to continue! 
5 th AG and top 20

Grand fun time. Met a new friend from Janji Corps. 

Thursday night was a USATF- NE Grsnd Prix 5k. Ran it with my CMS team. Very hot - felt ill the last. .3 , but got a good very good time for myself for a 5 k, happy with my effort. Best time with my team , we ended up fifth in open in heavy competition 

Yesterday was Ascutney MT 3.7 USATF-NE Mountain race. Grand conditions, but I felt overheated at mile 2. 

I pushed hard and beat my time from last year placing 5 th AG. Happy for my race as it will predict a fast time for MT Washington next Sat.  Fast is completely relative as it is all uphill. 

Feel stronger and confident 
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