Tuesday, October 21, 2014

AC Marathon

My states are almost complete. This marathon in Atlantic city leaves me with Hawaii left in my quest. 

AC marathon. What a day. Winds up to 20 mph. Chilly. Twists and turns. Boardwalk was so hard to run in.

Well I desired that morning that since my hamstring was still sore to not push this race at all but to take it easy easy . I have my Team USATF-NE championship marathon in 2 weeks that I need to push fast. Very fast .

Ran smart . Ran slow. Paced with my Sub 4 state friend the entire race. 

Windy so much through the race. Wow. Took some mind games to get through. 
Happy to complete my 98th marathon and state of NJ. Turned out I was top 10. 

Now on to a fast PR for Manchester City NH Nov 2nd . 

Friday, October 10, 2014


The last USATF-NE mountain series race was last weekend in Bretton Woods, NH.
Lovely area especially with the fall colors everywhere!

The day was cool and overcast Perfect.
I felt good, did a 2 mile warm up and then fueled with a half packet of chocolate GU!

The first mile was at a 8 percent grade up the ski slope - slow mile

Then we traversed 3.4 miles to 3 checkpoints in the woods. This was my first fell race- you had to go through each check point for it to count- and carry a map! 
I got lost once. Yes. I freaked out!! Ha. Do do so much fun! 

I came in 8th which I was happy about! Did a 6 mile cool down. 

Next year I will do the 7 races entirely, I did 5 this year)

Next up marathon 98, state 49, Atlantic City NJ