Saturday, July 7, 2018

(Backup) Recovery tools, techniques and Advice

Important if not more important that the miles and training. I use recovery in a structured fashion just as I do training. Most important to my training is rest. Hard. Sessions and hard weeks equal periods of rest and downtime. My coach has me in mini training periods after a big race. I come back to training after 5 to 10 days off feeling ready and refreshed. My body is now ready for the next training block. Sleep. I need at least 6 hrs , but feel best with 8 hrs. On weekends I will take 2 naps. I incorporate rolling using a trigger point roll 3 to 4 times per week. This I will do to "iron out" muscles in my upper abs lower legs. Vital. 

Snacks and hydration. I snack all day and keep a water bottle with me at work always. Amrita bars for snacks and a NUUN tablet into water twice daily. 
Protein. Every day I eat a lot of peanut butter and almond butter- before and after running. I also drink a half of a protein shake with CocoaElite Protein powder, ice cubes and a half of a banana. This helps my muscles recover from the session- I sip on it for hours after my workout at work. I use the CocoaElite protein powder also in ice cream to increase protein content. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Japan and Learning

Japan February 2018
I made it solo
I loved the people o so much! Even though I could not speak the language we could understand each other completely- people on trains and in stores 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Not all roses


It seemed that everyone that raced it in December had a fabulous race, a new PR or an Olympic Qualifer
Perfect weather 
Fabulous crowds

Not me

I disliked the course with its unrelenting rolling roads 
My legs were beat up by mile 8. I disliked the boring roads. Really one of my least favorite courses.

I had the best half of a marathon ever. Fast. On target for my 305. 
Stomach blew up. Legs cramped. I knew it by mile 15. I walked. Yes. Walked. 
I finished and my gosh I was happy about that. My best time in over a year, but, so far from my goal.
Onward we go. Onward I march. 
One day it will be mine. Not CIM ever again for me though. 

I raced Yuma AZ half marathon last week 
Great race. Love AZ.
On target. Legs felt heavy from 95 mile weeks in January. My fitness is coming straight along.
A podium third was wonderful. Not a PR but I was not going for one.Tokyo training 

Tokyo 3 weeks.
Huge thank you to my coach.
Michael Crouch 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

5ks and turkeys and Flagstaff

Three weeks ago I was in my home state of Michigan 
I had a 5k sandwiched in a 20 mile session) leading up to CIM marathon.

The day was warm and grey. Overcast. Felt good. Strong. 4 mile warmup. Changed out of warm up gear. Ran to the start. Found the pace. Held it. 
First women. Lovely.

5ks are not not my race ever of choice, but I am getting better at them! Happiest with the win

Then I jogged into my 10 mile session.
My best Friend ran as well and came in first in her age group!!!!!

Next I had a 5 mile turkey day race
Cold cold cold
Warmed up with three

The race was good. My watch stopped after 2 miles lol so I just gauged the pace.
On track and strong. 
Came in fourth women and 1st age group 

Fun day with teammates

This was after a brilliant weekend running in Flagstaff AZ for training. All at 7,000 to 10,000 alt

Brilliant in Flag. Excellent training miles I had there 
Ready to go back ............

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Back to back

It was planned far in advance I was trained and fit
Ready for 26.2
Not ready for the heat 
Prepared well and arrived at the start early- not ready for 67 degrees.Started and was drenched by mile2, I pushed and followed my plan. At mile 7 I decided to stop at 13.1. I made this choice as it was not a PR day for me and I was really quite overheated then. I picked up the pace and brought it in. Finished out with 20 miles.

Regret? Yes
A PR I could of had? Perhaps 
Lesson learned? Gut it out

The next day I raced a 10k with my CMS team

I felt great even only after 3 hours of sleep. Legs not ready for an all out, but definitely a solid effort
Brought it in and scored for the team! Thrilled!
We came in second!
So happy and a small piece of redemption from Akron.
Again lesson learned. Arrive and do not think too much, just RACE