Friday, April 7, 2017

Half PR

I raced the two rivers half marathon 2 weeks ago
As a prep for the Pittsburgh marathon
My goal was to feel confident in marathon pace
Race day perfect conditions 
I felt good
I had on course one honey Stinger gel which saved me at mile 5, 3 Honey Stinger gummies, and 2 pieces of run gum - needed more
The race went good
Felt depleted at Miles 8-9.5 but then picked it back up to pace for the end
4th women and 2nd AG with a new PR 
Listened to my wonderful coach and I feel confident for Pittsburgh goals!
Wore Skechers GORun5's and Skechers Performance wear
Amrita bar pre race
Swiftwick socks
Honey Stinger fuel
CocoaElite post race shake 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

10 Mile Prep Race

Had an awesome time for a 10 mile prep race 2 weeks ago
My coach and I discussed using it as a prep race at 85% effort. The race day was bright with perfect weather 
I used 1 Honey Stinger GEl and 2 pieces of RunGum 
The first mile was settling in then got my pace
Felt great
Hard to hold back as the miles kept on rolling by- stuck with the game plan and kept my effort at 85% 
Finished fresh and added on 4 miles.
Ended up 10th of 230 which was great.
Feeling that my build up to Pittsburgh marathon is on point- May7th goal race.
Coming up next, after a smashing 17 mile with6 mikes at MP today, is a half marathon, 2 rivers the end of March and then a USATF-NE 15 k and Blackstone Valley 5k in April.

Last week I signed with CocoaElite- thrilled. They are a company out of Pittsburgh that specializes in using Cocoa Power in their protein powders, recovery products, and Cocoa.
I love chocolate and sweet tasting protein powders so this is perfect for my recovery and Performance needs. Debbie Bruno is the owner and has been brilliant in welcoming me to the team other elite athletes that he has gathered with CocoaElite. Thrilled to see how 2017 will be - stronger and fitter with my new affiliation❤️💪🏃‍♀️ 



Monday, February 6, 2017

Yuma AZ

I love  Yuma
Lettuce fields dates fresh vegetables eveywhere 

Marathon number 120

In the middle of nowhere on the way to mexico

The marathon was an out and back by lettuce fields on the west end of the city 
Freezing at the start I could not open my Gel Honey Stinger until mile 10- mistake- no gloves

I paced behind the lead women to mile 10 knowing she would fall behind 
I passed her and picked up pace by 10 sec per mile

Halfway thought a negative split would occur - felt great, no watch, looking at the scenery...

The winds kicked in at mile 20. They were headon and cold.
I trucked along and my pace slowed considerably in the wind.
Still in the lead. Finished first women fourth overall.

Huge thanks to my coach Michael Crouch from Mckirdy Training 

Thank you to

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Overall all goals except one complete this past weekend 
Huge thanks to Skechers for the best race weekend and star treatment 
Feed your Crazy
Lace Locker
McKirdy Training

Up next I have Yuma Marathon the end of January then goal marathon Pittsburgh in May , A goal 

Mental hurdle jumped
Skechers team awesomeness
New Skechers Team kit I got and is brilliant- treated like a queen with the Skechers Team )

Met my coach Michael and he aided my race precisely pre and post right where my mind needed it!

Mckirdy training is on point.

The race I made it through my mental block and finished strong- not strong as I could have not a PR by do so so far at all- but

- held my pace to mile 10 stronger than ever, then I could not continue with that pace to finish 
The humidity was st 98% and this Boston runner was used to 10 degrees! Lol 
The last 13.1 maintained on a min premier pace slower 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hoover Dam

On my quest to have all my marathon states be BQ's, my last one was NV. 
Hoover Dams course was not easy . At all. But I like hills  
I met some friends at the packet pickup and then at the start. 
I felt tapered and very confident 
I went out easier for the first 2 miles per coach Mike. Then I ramped it up. Felt great at 13.1. 
The second round of hills were more draining for sure . 
I took a gel at 14 miles then pushed into the mountains 
The Last 6 miles brought it in at 650 pace  and felt very strong
I came in as first women and led from the start 
My goal complete as the third women in the USA to have a BQ marathon in every state and DC
Thank you to Skechers, Honey Stinger, Amrita, OnlyAtoms, RuninRabbit, LaceLocker, Swiftwick , NuttZo

2017 goal is a sub 300 marathon and to qualify for the USA long distance team 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

NJ one day

On Nov 12th I started at the NJ day one fest 

My goal was 125 miles to make the USA long distance team list

Started great goal pace in tact for the first 6 hrs 

Fueling steadily and no issues 

Then the cold came in 
Not prepared with clothes and no crew
My fingers and hands froze and my legs as well 

I could not imagine continuing for the overnight for 16 more hours 

I decided to stop at 9hrs and drive home
A lot to bring with me to my next attempt in may for the team. Crew and clothes will be prepared 

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Marathon 117 and 49th BQ state fine and done

Perfect weather of 55 and overcast in Bowling Green KY 
Did a shake out run of 3 miles at the start 

The day of started on time at 7. The hills were early and plentiful 
I kept it easy for the first round of hills , then flat from 7-12, passing runners around miles 10-16, the second round of the hills was better as I knew what was coming up 

Felt a bit weary at miles 20-22 then was able to pick it back up 
Finished happy to be done - thought I had the win, but one lady was in front of me 

Second overall Women 
Grand event but hard 

Next up NJ Day One 24HR event Nov 12th
Going for it to make the long distance team ........