Saturday, July 23, 2016

What makes us stronger

10,,000 on the track in 95 degrees 

I ran the Friday night Lights race on 7-22 to see if I could beat my time for the USATF-NE series all Terain 10,000 

I ran one in the track earlier in the year and was trying another - bad choice in the middle of the summer ☀️

My pace quickly slowed from goal of 640's - the race thankfully had sponges and water.

Felt better the second half of the race -
Such great support from my Skechers performance teammates and CMS- 

Came in third which was great

Wore Skechers Go Run 3's
Swiftwick socks
Yellow LaceLockers
Skecher Performance Kit
Honey Stinger 5 energy chews
Amrita pineapple chia bar 1 hour before the race

Glad I raced
Next up a fast 5 k in Upton MA sat then 
My first ultra of the year Sweltering Summer Aug 6th 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Push it

Mad Marathon 

Legs tired from Loon mountain not a great way to start 

Did a mile warmup - conditions rainy yet cool. Felt ok, tired overall

Mile 3 hill - legs complaining much already my upper glute twinges ....

By mile 5 desired to not chance an injury - I could tell my body was not capable of a proper racing 26.2 without consequences 

I saw I was in 8th in the half, turned and joined the pack 

Now the game was on to catch the top 3
Has to make up time 

Passed 4 runners on a hill, my legs were tired yet very strong from the past month of 2 mountain races
Garmin had stopped at mile 4 so that was no help

Sealed and sucked it up to race it in to I thought third women. 

I was fourth after the preliminary results 
Happy in this hard race

Skechers wonderful 
GoMeb Speed 3 so light yet firm, awesome shoe, 4mm drop, 5.5 oz

Did a 5 mile cool down. Rest time now for a 10k then 8 hr ultra and Quebec marathon 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Loon Mt .Part of The All Terrain Series

The Loon mountain USATF Championship for Mountain racing .... Yes I knew it was hard

Good warmup of 4 miles 

Perfect weather

Felt good until mile 3- a bit dehydrated and legs were feeling the burn already
Trouped up the incline, push push 

A water stop helped 
Last hill before Walkibg boss I walked and jogged - walked -jogged
The meadow run was splendid and made up a bit of time

The last hill not bad although I was exhausted- ran it!

My CMS open team won the women's! 

I did better than I expected placing well in my division of open 

My Skecher GoRun4's brilliant even in the mud trail and rocks!

LaceLockers held laces and Swiftwick socks perfect as always

Loved wearing my Skecher singlet for the first time- Skecher performance team thank you for the support✨
Amrita bar post run and I had a half bag of Honey Stinger fruit chews

Up next Mad VT 26.2 July 10