Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Push it

Mad Marathon 

Legs tired from Loon mountain not a great way to start 

Did a mile warmup - conditions rainy yet cool. Felt ok, tired overall

Mile 3 hill - legs complaining much already my upper glute twinges ....

By mile 5 desired to not chance an injury - I could tell my body was not capable of a proper racing 26.2 without consequences 

I saw I was in 8th in the half, turned and joined the pack 

Now the game was on to catch the top 3
Has to make up time 

Passed 4 runners on a hill, my legs were tired yet very strong from the past month of 2 mountain races
Garmin had stopped at mile 4 so that was no help

Sealed and sucked it up to race it in to I thought third women. 

I was fourth after the preliminary results 
Happy in this hard race

Skechers wonderful 
GoMeb Speed 3 so light yet firm, awesome shoe, 4mm drop, 5.5 oz

Did a 5 mile cool down. Rest time now for a 10k then 8 hr ultra and Quebec marathon 

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