Sunday, December 15, 2013

10 in 12 Alicia'a Marathon 2013 year Review

2013! Grand year for the races. Started in January at The Mississippi Blues in Jackson MS. I was on the pace team for the 320 pacer. Cold race but overall organization was top. Brought in 3 runners for 320.

February was The Austin Marathon. Great town and I would love to explore it more. The day was 50 degrees and sunny. Hilly course . I was 6th in AG with a 320 time.

March brought Piney Point MD Marathon. Beautiful by the Lighthouses ! Lovey race!! Chilly start, I was third overall!

April I ran the RI marathon , flat fast race where you had to have a qualifying time to enter. So cold and windy. I was fourth overall women. Highly recommend race. 

The end of April I also was a pacer for The Caramel IN Marathon for the 330 spot. Cold cold day , 30 I believe. I was so happy with my group!! I brought in 5 runners to a BQ time! Awesome place and weekend!!

June I flew to WY to run the Casper WY marathon . A little warm and hilly, but quiet scenic run. I was the women winner and got a very cool plate and duffle bag

I then moved to Worcester MA from AR in the month of July. 

August I ran the first running of the Sweltering Summer Marathon in Pittsfield MA. We ran on a track outside on a .314 loop. Hot. Great fun. You could also do the 50k at the race. I won the women's marathon and received a very cool homemade clock.

In October I ran CT Hartford Marathon . Legs were tired from a 30k USATF-NE race 2 weeks prior and I payed the price. Slowed way down to a 320 finish and 4th AG

November I ran the Manchester NH marathon for my USATF-NE CMS Team. Hilly hills, wind and cold ! Our team pulled together and we ended up with a third place for this race, my finish here helped our team to a year end fourth place in the standings overall out of many many talented teams! 

Last minute choice to run at the end of November the NCR Trail Marathon in Hunt Valley MD. Seven hours if driving and a hurt hamstring did not help my race. Cold cold start of 18 degrees. I won my AG and pulled a top 10 finish

Great year , lessons learned, too many races! 2 marathon wins , 6 new states for my Sub Four Fifty State club, and new found group of very talented runners in my team here in MA. New wonderful friends. Challenges overcome and more to run daily.

Special thanks to Karhu Running for the support on the Karhu Team for the year

My coaches Jake and Justin Gillette

2014 will be epic with a Sub 300 marathon,  USATF-NE speed races with my Team and more volume with my workouts. Going for the marathon trial time for 2016. Got to try. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Number 90

It was fun and it was cold. Number 90 marathon in MD, Hunt Valley was last Saturday. Met with my maniac marathon friends Kino, New runner hard-core ultra runner Maggie, JC and others. Dawned cold and too early after a seven hour car ride alone from Worcester MA to Hunt Valley MD.
Made it to the school then jogged up to the start line in order to keep my hands from freezing .
The race was dirt packed rail trail and an out n back. Very scenic. Recommend this marathon for those whom wish for a low key race. On point to mile 14- hamstring stated again. Same pain. It got worse . Kept on going . Able to ekkk out a 320 , top 8 and an AG award. NOW to rest up. Recovery and friend time. My hands froze around the Gels!! Thanks to Karhu for the support and the top shoes 

Wore my Wheaties visor for Team Wheaties Warriors 26.2! it looked great although I did not eat Wheaties before the race- needed to)

Shout out to Craft clothing
Keeping my running and racing spot on and warm