Thursday, November 19, 2015

Run the Bucks- Off my 6 seconds Podium

PA run the bucks 26.2 

Perfect fall day y the DELAWARE river 

Sun and no wind 

Started the out n back course at a conservative pace. The river was on our right as we started. About 450 runners for the marathon.

Aid stations every 2 miles were great.

I felt good. Kept my pace on track.

I was one min off on my predictions though. Came up to the 20 mile mark and started my move up to 730 pace from 750. Passed the fourth placed lazy then was bearing down on second and third place. Could not catch them by 5 seconds. 

Fourth women overall )

Special thanks to Only Atoms for my sweet tank- New York Clothing
Karhu- My fast 5 Karhu shoes- perfect
Fuel- Honey stinger Gu 
Amrita- one quarter of a lovely apple 

Swiftwick- perfect matching blister free socks 
Lace Locker- My laces never loose again  

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

OH Elyria 26.2

Nov. 8 2015 was OH and a 26.2 race )
I was here to upgrade my state to a BQ status. All of my 49 states I have ran a marathon in are BQ 'a except for 4, OH being a state I am redoing over the upcoming 6 months )

The day was perfect. 40 at the start and 45 at the finish

Nice out n back

Gorgeous bike path and very quiet

To get my mind back on track - I kept conservative for the first 14 miles, 800-757 pace

I felt good at mile 18 then at 20 to pick it up to 750 with one 730 mile in

Finished 329. Definite not a good time, but mentally I was strong and feeling good- now ready to push the pace to a sub. 315 this year ))))

Third women overall!!!! 

Next PA buck county marathon Nov 15
Then my last state Hawaii Dec 13.
 My best friend Beth Pellerito was with me- smashed the half marathon and provided mental support. Love you friend.