Sunday, June 18, 2017

InsideTracker thankful For

I finally gave in and took insidetracker plunge into comprehensive Blood work. It has only taken me over a year. So glad I did. This year my racing has been very good: 2 marathon wins, a PR in the half marathon and 5k. But. My times were not as I felt they definitely could be.
I was always tired. 2 little naps a day. My training I could slam, but after I was exhausted much of the time. Races went well. But again my levels of tiredness impeded my ability to reach my race time goals.Time to find out.

As a vegetarian almost vegan my food that I consume is on the slim side, too little for 80 mile weeks of training..  I thought this was part of the issue along with my slim build and light weight.
insidetracker was a breeze. Filled out the initial questions on foods, amount of time training, and concerns online. Then I received a slip I took to the Quest Diagnostics. It took 10 minutes. My blood work was then sent to the  insidetracker  office.
In only 3 days my results arrived in an email.

Complete and so comprehensive.
I had areas of high concern:
Liver enzymes 
The second 2 were not surprising. I am stressed daily with my jobs- 12 hour days. High Performance.
The first high liver enzymes really concerned me. After talking with Johnathan Levit from insidetracker  we came to the conclusion that it was so high because of my habit weekly of taking Tylenol PM. A habit for way too long. This was contributing to my high GGT market.
I immediately stopped as my levels were in the critical area. Big lesson learned.
Another feature I love is that I get daily reminder emails. This prompts me to check in with if I implemented the nutritional changes such as eating walnuts, spinach, and almond butter I did or did not do.
I have started incorporating the foods that were recommended for each area:
Wheat germ
Dark chocolate 
Almond butter 
Whey protein
Flax seeds
I have used protein powder daily this entire year, but decided that with my test results to add more.
I now make a protein smoothie daily with CocoaElite protein powder, almond milk, almond butter, and banana. I also have increased my cocoa intake based on the recommendations from Insidetracker. I add a scoop of CocoaElite Cocoa powder to my nightly hot chocolate. I also bake a lot and use the rich cocoa powder in raw cookie and raw energy bite recipes. I feel I have more energy and my muscles are recovering faster since the increase in protein powder daily.
Each food that is recommended also has a tab with recipes with that particular food. Too cool.
I am relived it was not worse. I am so glad to be working on this now. I am anticipating in 2 months my blood work again to see what improvements have been made.
This will definitely help my racing performance- especially the no more Tylenol PM , increase overall in  food, and focus on more relaxation and meditation to help to lower my Cortisol levels. I have been sleeping better without the Tylenol actually!!!
Thrilled with insidetracker
Reach out to me for any specifics or questions as this is a big step towards health!
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Friday, June 16, 2017

Cranmore Mt.Championships

I raced Cranmore Mountain Championships 2 weeks ago in Conway NH. 
Any race that has the word mountain and championship together is going to be tough!......
I was ready and trained although still plagued by tiredness issues that have bothered me this entire year.
The race was up , over, steep up up then over , then steeper up forever, up , down,over and down
Muddy as well
I made it 
I pushed the first 5 k a bit too aggressively and paid for it on the second loop.
All in all very solid performance-top 20 
This is what I used:

Skechers Performance Trail Shoes
Swiftwick 12' socks
Skechers Performance kit
LaceLockers HoneyStinger chews

Amrita bar pre race
CocoaElite shake post race