Monday, January 27, 2014

Marathon State 44 and Karhu Shoe Review

Marathon for Sub 4 State 44 was In Boulder City , NV byLake Mead. Mountainous hills and lakes outside of Las Vegas . I felt sick going into the race, 2 weeks of a sinus infection, so I was not looking to PR. Just a solid race.

 The total accent for the race was 2,840 feet. Whew. A lot of hills.

The race itself was good. I feet strong and kept MP between the hills. I led the women till mile 10 then was passed. The heat of the day was on us also, 70 or so. Feeling ok although very very dry, cotton mouth. I could not drink enough.

After three stops stomach probs and continuing with 3 gels total, a happy runner girl crossed the line at around 3:30 and second placed women OA. 
Tired but I reached my goal for this race! 
I met Paula and Natilia from NV- lovey ultra runners. They both smashed the race too! I won a nice medal and an engraved bottle with bath salts. Goal done). I felt mentally great - mantras were used and pushed through. Running a marathon sick is not fun. 

I wore my Karhu Fluid 4 's for the race and they were fast and perfect for the terrain, Swift wick low profile socks were light and moisture wicking cool. 
My arm Warmers were awesome and light! I could be seen!

I drank heed at rife aid stations alternating with water every 2 miles. 

Karhu Trail shoes in Turquoise and Black. New show I tested last weekend in 10 degrees and slushy snow. The trail shoes gripped the road and I did not slip once. We ran for 14miles in some hilly areas of Worcester. I felt comfortably safe on the icy terrain and was able to keep lead of our group. I would highly recommend the #karhu trail shoes for off road or on road races. Lightweight and steady. Loved them. 

Next Race is Amherst MA USATF-NE 10 mile championship race Feb 23. I will also find a 5 mike speed prep race to run Feb8th. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

6 months in 2014

Below I have a wonderful list of my upcoming races. Excited. A strong list.
Jan 25, NV, Henderson Runs with the Angels marathon

This is my 44th Sub Four State and 91st marathon ( wayyyyy to many)looking for sun and a PR

February 8th warm up race Bradford MA 5 

February 23 Amherst MA, 10 mile
First in my CMS Teams USATF-NE Grand Prix Series for 2014. Going to all of the races to be an 'ironman' , these races are very competitive and keep me on my game

March 15th Rock n Roll DC Marathon, State' number 44 and Marathon 92, looking for a fast course and a faster race

March 16th New Bedford Half Marathon, New Bedford MA
USATF -NE second in series. This will be a challenge today for me after yesterday! 

March 30, Au Ras Mor, 5k Cambridge MA, third in the USATF - NE series with my Team

April I will be volunteering with CMS and at the Boston Marathon!!

April I may find a fast prep 5k

May10th Fargo, ND Marathon 93 and Sub Four State 45
Flat and very fast, looking for a great time  here and for a six month peak

These races will be grand with support from #karhu shoes, #craft sportswear, # Swiftwick socks , top fuel from protein bars and pre racing fuel packs- hydration and GUEnergy 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Grand Beginning for 2014

This is a short post for how thankful I am for the support I have. I am again a Karhu Running Ambassador for 2014 which makes me happiest. I hope to race and train to my best with tremendous support  from Karhu. Quality and performance in all of their shoes and clothing.

I have the best racing team, the Central Mass Striders Racing Team for the USATF-NE Grand Prix 2014 racing year. Wicked talent in our team CMS- psyched  to see how we can dominate the other teams this year! The first race on the circuit is Feb 23rd. 

My running friends- group are some of the most Crazy - Classy- Talented and determined bunch - Love them! Long runs EVERY week - no matter the weather!!  Luckiest I am to be a part of the group) Company has shown support in reflective high tech clothing for myself and the CMS Team) 

 time to support and give back for 2014

Lessons learned- always moving forward 
Bring it on to Marathon Trials 2016