Thursday, October 31, 2013

Manchester Marathon moving forward: number 89 Sunday

Great days over the past 2. Salem MA I was able to help at the Karhu Booth and discuss shoes . Then my friend Seongtaek Kwon , of Karhu  shoes, took a very cool video of me in Marblehead MA. 
The link is at

Last week I was able to beat the cold and  volunteered at our 5k race!)) fun fun times and then ran 15 miles in the woods- rail trail with the CMS group

Taper now for the last marathon of 2013 the USATF-NE championship in NH Sunday. I will be a part of the Women's Team and I am excited.

Lastly a shout out to Tristian from Australia .

He had this marathon contest and I was second ) he is cool and awesome ! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Marathon Wisdom

   Good Friends mean the World to me
Marathon #88 and SubFour State # 42 this past Sat in Hartford CT. Running in very tired legs from Nahant 30k, not fun. Mentally tough and really my whole body started to ache at Mile 14! Not a good sign! I used my words of " stride"  and " you got this" - helped, but unable to push to  a PR. 318, 4th in Age Group of 178 and 38th Women of 1154. Cool. One more Manchester NH to go. 
Best Part: I finally got to meet Elite Karhu Runner Meagan Nedlo whom ran to a 4th place in the half. Meeting also first time with Seongtaek Kwon. Global Manager Web Karhu International and Craft Sportswear. He has supported me and my racing efforts with Team Karhu this year. Tremendously. Inspiration and love to Karhu and for the stamina power it helps to impart onto others) 
My great friend Cheryl Cleary was in the elite tent and told me about the candy and granola bars there - so cool- she is amazing and came in 12 th OA in the Half Marathon
Grant Stieglitz whom just won another marathon Sunday in Iowa, gave me words of wisdom, " no one is running but yourself", easy right? How I tend to forget this . Thank you. This weekend was made tremendous by friends and experiences made with them- love.
Now to rest for Manchester, NM Marathon the USATF-NE marathon championship race November 3rd.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Last weekend was the Nahant 30k race, 18.6 miles in the hilly island town of Nahant MA north of Boston.
Great time. I stuck to my coaches plan and was able to finish with a negative Split time and had a straight up flat 18:00 for the last 5k of the race.
Our team finished forth in the open and second masters! Cheryl My Team mate won the women's title and our Men's team had the overall win. Amazing Team.
I got to hand out with Level Renner peeps and saw Jordan Of Karhu on the side cheering others on
My shoes were the new Karhu Fluid 3
Steady, stable and race worthy
Taper time for Hartford CT marathon next weekend. Going for it and aiming high for a sub 3:08. With my coaches help, Justin  and Jake Gillette, I am excited and ready