Saturday, October 5, 2013


Last weekend was the Nahant 30k race, 18.6 miles in the hilly island town of Nahant MA north of Boston.
Great time. I stuck to my coaches plan and was able to finish with a negative Split time and had a straight up flat 18:00 for the last 5k of the race.
Our team finished forth in the open and second masters! Cheryl My Team mate won the women's title and our Men's team had the overall win. Amazing Team.
I got to hand out with Level Renner peeps and saw Jordan Of Karhu on the side cheering others on
My shoes were the new Karhu Fluid 3
Steady, stable and race worthy
Taper time for Hartford CT marathon next weekend. Going for it and aiming high for a sub 3:08. With my coaches help, Justin  and Jake Gillette, I am excited and ready

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