Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lone Gull 10k

Great race with the CMS team! Last weekend was the USATF-NE 10 k in Gloucester MA

On the ocean we ran a little hills in a beautiful neighborhood , could not of asked for a better day, 65 and sunny
Our team did amazing and placed second as did the men's CMS Team!
I got to know the ladies on the team much more during the early road trip)
I did well in the race, but not up to par in my book, faded at mile 3 and then also went out way you to fast, lesson again learned
Ready for the challenge of Nahant 30k in a USATF-NE race number 2 for with the CMS Team, bring on the distance!!
After that CT Hartford Marathon Oct 12th, state number 42 and marathon 90

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