Saturday, August 31, 2013

Racing Shoes

The shoe blog begins! I will be posting another tomorrow with my reviews of my collection from Karhu. Please contact me for any personal racing or shoe questions! Also at each shoe has detailed information and a place for ordering 
Karhu shoes have assisted me in 3 new PR's, trail races, marathon wins, and in expanding my style through the shoe))
Total love 

The first to review is the Fast3 , 11oz.
Great for speed although I would recommend for road and track work 
Very very forward feeling and propels one forward
For a little background before I continue, I have been  a Karhu Team athlete for over one year and what a joy in experience and racing! Karhu running began on the track in 1916 and has come very far. Karhu is Finland's legendary running brand and all I own. 

Flow3 Trainer. 8.5 oz
Lightweight perfect for speed,  I wear them for 5k and 10k races

Forward 4 Fulcrum , 9.4 oz. I really have come to like these for long runs and for my marathon training. More stability and cushion. Great for everyday training

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Level and Karhu

ILearned lesson. Do not expect a PR race right after a marathon. Ran a 10k at The Lever Renner's first event in Brockton , MA. Came in I believe 10th in a pretty rough great fast crowd . Had a fun hill we  had to go up 3 times, made us tougher))
Our CMS women's team was great, we won overall along with the CMS Men's team. 
I finally got to meet Jordan from Karhu whom had our Karhu Tent ready
@JoKinRuns Twitter
Karhu continues to be supportive for myself always along with my races in and about the NE

I also got to meet Janji Crew from Boston, great coalition all about giving back to others through running
Finally major props to for one of the top coolest events I have ran
Check out their site 
This week I will be featuring Karhu Shoes and different Models and Pics
Questions, ask me)))

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Links Runners

OI have to shout out to my favorite runner friend, Kino)
He is so inspiring to me and a wonderful friend, racer, and motivation 
His Instagram can be found at
And Twitter at

Getter ready for the underground 10 k Race Sat

Race hard
I've got to push harder

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sweltering Summer Marathon

Marathon today in Pittsfield , MA. It was my 89th marathon and 41st Sub 4 Fifty state. Glad it is over) it was 75 loops of .34445 miles . Yes. Over and over on a dirt track. The RD did a good job, excerpt for miscounted 2 laps. Unarguably a good marathon and ultra for most that we're there. Garmin time 3:16:44, got the Women marathon win and my coaches other athlete also got the Men's victory. Karhu Fluids worked solidly and my soles feel wonderful. Gearing in for the Level Renner 10k next Sunday in Brockon, MA

Monday, August 12, 2013

Karhu perfection

Check these out. 1972 Boston Winner Olavi Suomalainen's Karhu Racer shoe. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blue shoe weekend

The new Karhu Fluids. Yes . Total not too light, not too stiff, firmly propelling me forward in pick ups and then a long run today, nice..... Felt good during the 14 mile today, taper week for the marathon next Sat, goal of 310 or faster. Central Mass Striders ran with both on Saturday and today, talented 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Daily Running in MA

Had a great run this morning , the cooler weather is perfect! So happy for fall coming .... Next up is a marathon in Pittsfield , MA. A flat course of 75 loops) should be interesting, August 17th. Then a big race for the CMS team September 15th. The Lone Gull 10k in Glouster, MA. Should be great. In the morning trying out new Karhu Fluid 3's!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Triple Threat 13.1

Beautiful course for a 13.1 today. Rockport MA. Hilly and the race hugged the ocean and tree shore. Felt good except forgot my nutrition !( still working on getting stronger in this new area, ups and downs. Ended up first in the 30 to 39 age group and 13th OA which was cool. Totally felt strong at the end except they stuck a .5 mile uphill at mile 12! Fun time. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Track Workout

Last night met the Women's Racing Team at the track, we do a weekly speed   Workout every Wed in Holden, MA. I met Barbara from the Team. She is the lead coach, great lady. I will be racing with CMS in September at the 10k in Glouster , MA the 30k the last weekend of the month, and then the Manchester , NH championship marathon November 3rd