Monday, August 26, 2013

The Level and Karhu

ILearned lesson. Do not expect a PR race right after a marathon. Ran a 10k at The Lever Renner's first event in Brockton , MA. Came in I believe 10th in a pretty rough great fast crowd . Had a fun hill we  had to go up 3 times, made us tougher))
Our CMS women's team was great, we won overall along with the CMS Men's team. 
I finally got to meet Jordan from Karhu whom had our Karhu Tent ready
@JoKinRuns Twitter
Karhu continues to be supportive for myself always along with my races in and about the NE

I also got to meet Janji Crew from Boston, great coalition all about giving back to others through running
Finally major props to for one of the top coolest events I have ran
Check out their site 
This week I will be featuring Karhu Shoes and different Models and Pics
Questions, ask me)))

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