Thursday, June 23, 2016

Skecher Go MEB Speed 3

I ran the Lake Placid 26.2 on June 12th and for coming in 2nd, won a pair of Sketchers Go Run 3's

I wore them first for a 10 mile tempo run , next day hill work , then treadmill speed intervals

Very lightweight Flexable
5.3 OZ
4 mm heel drop
So wonderfully surprised at how responsive to speed they were and in how my foot was cushioned- yet in a 
light hugged manner

Hill work perfect - no trails . I would think these are geared best for roads track and dirt patches , not technical hills or trail 
Treadmill- Yes!

Picking up and slowing with ease and a Flexable foot. Flat and easy

I will be wearing these in my next road marathon Mad City VT July 10th - 

I was added to Skechers Performance race Ambassador Team on June 20th
Excited. Support with racing and training with a reputable steam. Stoked.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Redemption Hill and Skechers Team

Mt Wash road race 
6-22% grade
7.6 miles 

My favorite road race to date
My third time last Sunday 

I told myself it was going to hurt
It was going to be painfully 
I was not going to walk a step 
Past years I did walk a lot- walk run - walk run 

I was not going to this  year. 
And I did not

Most proud of this - I kept my mind steel 
Best time in three years 
I felt good.
Our Womend open team was 2nd out of 15 

I signed with Skechers performance shoe on June 20th. Totally excited and ready for a fast and strong 2016 summer and fall of racing 
Loon mountain championships next July 3rd

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

From DNS to Second

I'm Lake Placid NY
Marathon 112
BQ state 47

Sitting in my car with the wind whipping around - I was so tired just wanted to go back and sleep

I texted my best friend a talented triathlete 
She said just start running and see how you feel....... So I did

I did not feel good until mile 15 really
Keep a 800 pace was my goal today - very very slow. I am  able to hold a 730 pace normally - fast marathon 

I did . I took a gel at mile 11 and perked up- neg split the last 6 miles 
Came in overall Women second)
Mind mind over matter.

I am resting more importantly and focus on hood health - weight gain healthy 
On to Mt Washington