Sunday, February 28, 2016

Red Rock

I ran the Red Rock Canyon 26.2 last Sat )
It was freezing at the start, middle of the desert , 30 degrees where the bus dropped us off. 

The race ran into the canyons and climbed up and down for the first12 miles.


My legs were very heavy at mile 5 and I wanted to stop ! So much. 
But I keep on going, my mantra helped, one mike at a time.....

I was in 6 th place. I knew the women in front of me would drop back, I had to have the patience to allow them to.

By mile 14 I was in the lead. 

I felt my strongest from miles 18 to the end, a 8 min neg split

Great to win. Thrilled with my mental toughness 

I ran this race in 2012 and bettered my time  by 22 minutes 

Next up is the CMS Team Grand Prix 5k in Cambridge MA the the Snowshoe Championships March 12

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Track meets

This year I will compete in the all Terain series for the USATF NE circut
This condits of 7 races of which the top 5 scores will count

A 3000, 10,000 on a track
Snow shoe 
10 mile trail race
5 mile road 
7.2 mountain
A cross country race

I completed 2 3000
Races for my times to be submitted

Harvard meet  _whew, got my butt kicked - humbling experience
Very good for me though, surrounded by top track runners 

I tried again in RI Providance and had a 25 second improvement )


Going to try one more to better my time at BU then Albany 26.2