Thursday, February 4, 2016

Track meets

This year I will compete in the all Terain series for the USATF NE circut
This condits of 7 races of which the top 5 scores will count

A 3000, 10,000 on a track
Snow shoe 
10 mile trail race
5 mile road 
7.2 mountain
A cross country race

I completed 2 3000
Races for my times to be submitted

Harvard meet  _whew, got my butt kicked - humbling experience
Very good for me though, surrounded by top track runners 

I tried again in RI Providance and had a 25 second improvement )


Going to try one more to better my time at BU then Albany 26.2


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  4. Hey there Alicia! You really need to take care of yourself a lil better. Seriously, you just won a marathon which is just crazy sweet and sometimes after a win like that you can get the post blues and just sometimes do mean things to the ones in life you really care about. Sometimes walking can actually be very beneficial when a runner is experiencing this type of "crankiness." What else is there for natural mood enhancing benefits that is actually healthy in this day of age,too? Chocolate, yes, uuummmmmm. Alicia! So when you are out on them roads far away from Shrewsbury doing all that running I want you to relax when you have a chance and just visualize yourself back home on a nice sunny day walking all the way to Hebert Chocolate Mansion in Shrewsbury, Ma with your new special friend, your new special friend buying you whatever pleases your very beautiful mind, then leaving your favorite place and just thinking for a moment as your walking back home with your new special friend how great it really feels to slow down and listen to what your body needs. Right! Repeat many,many times. Once you practice it enough I want you to repeat it on your runs because IT WILL MAKE YOU RUN FASTER, TOO. Bye, Bye Sweet and sometimes sneaky Alicia