Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lone Gull 10k

Great race with the CMS team! Last weekend was the USATF-NE 10 k in Gloucester MA

On the ocean we ran a little hills in a beautiful neighborhood , could not of asked for a better day, 65 and sunny
Our team did amazing and placed second as did the men's CMS Team!
I got to know the ladies on the team much more during the early road trip)
I did well in the race, but not up to par in my book, faded at mile 3 and then also went out way you to fast, lesson again learned
Ready for the challenge of Nahant 30k in a USATF-NE race number 2 for with the CMS Team, bring on the distance!!
After that CT Hartford Marathon Oct 12th, state number 42 and marathon 90

Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend recap and upcoming 10k

Lessons learned over the weekend of needing to cut back from 80 mile weeks from time yo time and to REST. My left leg has been sore and as such, totally jogged the Canal Diggers 5k race Saturday and Sunday off. Feeling better!
Up next excited and proud to be representing first time for the CMS Women's Team at the Lone Gull 10k Sunday in Gloucester , MA. Part of the USATF- NE Grand Prix Series. I believe right now our team for the year is in fourth and our men's team is also second or third. Got to rest and be race ready!

The Canal 5k was great, music food, beer everywhere! My friend Cheryl won overall women and got her PR, so proud of her!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The efficient Karhu

The first shoe above is one of the Karhu Originals. Fly and sooo sweet for street wear.  The Karhu Albatross. i would run in these, but on a daily basis, top. many styles are at

The shoe below started my love with Karhu, way back in early 2007 I think. I bought these over in Amsterdam, Germany, wore and raced in them and then tried to find Karhu shoes again a few years ago. I did after searching much! Thank you Jordan from @karhurunning for getting me up and racing, once again, with Finland style
More of my favorite shoes to show you!!!
The next is the newest, The Fluid 3 Fulcrum. Cushioned, yet firm. I ran a marathon in them. Perfect. Responsive . I had a fast 16 mile in them today . Do far the best for long distance racing in my book!