Monday, September 26, 2016

Shoes And Fall Marathons

DI raced the Seasons 20k 2 weeks ago
Loved the course, quite hilly but gorgeous lands in Acton MS
Humid day and then the rain came at mile 8- 10 degree change 
Came out with a 20k PR

This Sunday raced in Akron Oh
Best part was meeting MEB K , I was in the elite - seeded area before the race and I ran up to him, thanked him, shook his hand and smiled , he was so gracious!!!!!

The race I was very tired
Fluid intake too low and started weaving at mile 8. Med tent stop for 3 mins and drank half a power aide 
So much better. I raced as best I could to the half end. A good time if not for the stop..... Sigh.... Too much work stress and not enough fluids and nutrients totally blew my chances for a PR in the 26.2

Resting eating Resting
MO cowbell 26.2 this weekend then Syracuse NY the weekend after 

Love the GOMEB 3's perfect for racing 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"Where are the buses?"

Made it to the proper star Marquete MI 26.2 

Lovely memories almost did not happen
With my mum as my new race crew' she desired to take me to the start line instead of taking the bus and then waiting in the cold- awesome!

We left and went to the start area

No one was there, no worries as it was an HR to the start, all the port o Johns empty , parking lot ready and clear

So we waited and waited and waited , now I was worried, rechecked the map- we were at the mine area for the 13.1!!!! Panic, so we hit the road at 80 mph lol made it to the proper start and ran to the start with 7 min to spare! Lol fun panic!))))

Started too conservative . Then had to make up in the second half

The second 13.1 miles were flat to 20 then up and down and around a peninsula 

Finished. Hot tired
7th women third AG
Faster then last weekend in Quebec by 5 min with a beg split

Great run

Thank you SKECHERS, Amrita, Honey stinger, Lace Locker, NuttZo, Swiftwick, Only Atoms
Next up Akron OH

Thursday, September 1, 2016

2 5 ks and Quebec

2 weeks ago I raced a 5 K in Milford MA
It was humid as heck but I needed to get done speed in 

I ended up winning and the proceeds went to a little girl in need

I raced a 5k the next day in RI
Faster than the day before! 
I was 4th in a competitor filled field

Last weekend I raced Quebec City 26.2 my 113 marathon

I went out too fast felt great to mile 10
Then my legs payed the price!

13.1 on point for a top 5 finish then the hills came

I held on over the bridge and to the finish slowing In the last 5 
Came in with a respectable time and 12th in 360 

Up next is MI Marquette 26.2 this weekend!
Legs ready