Monday, September 26, 2016

Shoes And Fall Marathons

DI raced the Seasons 20k 2 weeks ago
Loved the course, quite hilly but gorgeous lands in Acton MS
Humid day and then the rain came at mile 8- 10 degree change 
Came out with a 20k PR

This Sunday raced in Akron Oh
Best part was meeting MEB K , I was in the elite - seeded area before the race and I ran up to him, thanked him, shook his hand and smiled , he was so gracious!!!!!

The race I was very tired
Fluid intake too low and started weaving at mile 8. Med tent stop for 3 mins and drank half a power aide 
So much better. I raced as best I could to the half end. A good time if not for the stop..... Sigh.... Too much work stress and not enough fluids and nutrients totally blew my chances for a PR in the 26.2

Resting eating Resting
MO cowbell 26.2 this weekend then Syracuse NY the weekend after 

Love the GOMEB 3's perfect for racing 


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