Thursday, September 1, 2016

2 5 ks and Quebec

2 weeks ago I raced a 5 K in Milford MA
It was humid as heck but I needed to get done speed in 

I ended up winning and the proceeds went to a little girl in need

I raced a 5k the next day in RI
Faster than the day before! 
I was 4th in a competitor filled field

Last weekend I raced Quebec City 26.2 my 113 marathon

I went out too fast felt great to mile 10
Then my legs payed the price!

13.1 on point for a top 5 finish then the hills came

I held on over the bridge and to the finish slowing In the last 5 
Came in with a respectable time and 12th in 360 

Up next is MI Marquette 26.2 this weekend!
Legs ready 

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