Sunday, February 8, 2015

Winter in MA

Tips for indoor running

I have been able to maintain my 80-85 miles a week even in this snowy weather! I have my 24 hour gym and have become good friends with the treadmill. I do 9-12 miles in the morning , then an easy 2-4 after work outside. 
My shoes for the treadmill are my Karhu Flow lights

In order to get through the workouts I create mantras. I also use these in my races so this is good practice! Some of my favorites are:
" you  got this",  " this too shall pass",  " you are trained",  " it is just running ". I practice these in my speed and tempo workouts on the treadmill when I get a little tired or my concentration wanes. 
I also count backwards 3-2-1 for each set of miles, this is also a marathon strategy. More practice before the race and race day dawns easier. I think of my time goals for my upcoming race and use visualization of myself cruising along and in winning the race, I try to place myself at the race location and envision the scenery and temperature. 
I listen to music most of the time and love techno - old school mixes and German deep techno! My husband is a DJ and plays at underground parties and in Detroit) this music also motivated me and I have a favorite mix for my marathons!
This winter has been difficult , but I have priority for my miles and speed workouts. My coach has my schedule up weekly and I follow the posted workout without question. Coach knows best !
An Amrita bar is my post workout snack then I have a grainy toast with peanut butter an hour later. Perfect morning! 
My next race is the IMS Arizona Marathon February 15th . Excited for a solid race.