Thursday, November 10, 2016


Marathon 117 and 49th BQ state fine and done

Perfect weather of 55 and overcast in Bowling Green KY 
Did a shake out run of 3 miles at the start 

The day of started on time at 7. The hills were early and plentiful 
I kept it easy for the first round of hills , then flat from 7-12, passing runners around miles 10-16, the second round of the hills was better as I knew what was coming up 

Felt a bit weary at miles 20-22 then was able to pick it back up 
Finished happy to be done - thought I had the win, but one lady was in front of me 

Second overall Women 
Grand event but hard 

Next up NJ Day One 24HR event Nov 12th
Going for it to make the long distance team ........