Friday, June 16, 2017

Cranmore Mt.Championships

I raced Cranmore Mountain Championships 2 weeks ago in Conway NH. 
Any race that has the word mountain and championship together is going to be tough!......
I was ready and trained although still plagued by tiredness issues that have bothered me this entire year.
The race was up , over, steep up up then over , then steeper up forever, up , down,over and down
Muddy as well
I made it 
I pushed the first 5 k a bit too aggressively and paid for it on the second loop.
All in all very solid performance-top 20 
This is what I used:

Skechers Performance Trail Shoes
Swiftwick 12' socks
Skechers Performance kit
LaceLockers HoneyStinger chews

Amrita bar pre race
CocoaElite shake post race 


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