Friday, October 10, 2014


The last USATF-NE mountain series race was last weekend in Bretton Woods, NH.
Lovely area especially with the fall colors everywhere!

The day was cool and overcast Perfect.
I felt good, did a 2 mile warm up and then fueled with a half packet of chocolate GU!

The first mile was at a 8 percent grade up the ski slope - slow mile

Then we traversed 3.4 miles to 3 checkpoints in the woods. This was my first fell race- you had to go through each check point for it to count- and carry a map! 
I got lost once. Yes. I freaked out!! Ha. Do do so much fun! 

I came in 8th which I was happy about! Did a 6 mile cool down. 

Next year I will do the 7 races entirely, I did 5 this year)

Next up marathon 98, state 49, Atlantic City NJ

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