Friday, June 26, 2015


Mt Washington road race

7.8 miles uphill 

Lovely day with bright sunshine.
I felt good at the start although warm already at mile 1, dressed  in too many layers. Miles to 3 I took my pace TOO easy any then was trying to make up ground in the second half . Not recommended for an uphill race!))) in a marathon I could pull this off but not here.

I maintained my pace up the rock pile increasing it by 1 min per mile . Finished feeling too fresh and strong. This showed me that I did not push harder at the start and that my fitness was solid . 
Top 13 AG and our USATF-NE CMS open team placed 5 th .

This race I will do yearly and cannot wait to do again with a better pace procedure. Also I will wear racing flats.

Thank you to my sponcers for the support which helps me race so well !

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