Monday, September 7, 2015

Relay to Mountain

The end of August I was able to join Mystics racing team at the Lynn woods relay race , our team had 4 ladies each doing a 2.5 mike leg in the woods.

Such fun

The night was warm and humid, saw a lot of friends . The course was a bit hilly but all trail. I was tired, but tried to put in a good effort for my team.

We were second overall which was wonderful !! Great teammates and friends.Mystic Ladies )

Yesterday I ran Mt Greylock mountain. It was the second to last in the mountain USATF-NE series. Beautiful day. Perfect and sunny with deep blue skies.

A large field of runners started.  8 miles up , some of the course was flat then curved up. I did not know what to expect thus felt I could of ran faster at the start. 

Felt good. I was eigth overall and second in my Age Group which was massively cool. Happy.

Now to taper properly for Erie Marathon next Sunday. 

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