Monday, March 28, 2016

Ocean City

The drive was long 6 hours to the packet pickup in Ocean city Nj

The boardwalk I saw and it was very cool- old school along the ocean...

I had a great warm up along the coast and then hit the hay early

I woke up to cold temps and wind on race AM. I bundled up with  4 layers.

The race started. The wind started. 25 mph the whole point to point. The RD said it was the most wind he had seen in 18 years of the race. Fun.

By mile 8 I was exhausted and pace wS pushed to 10 mph. I was froze. I decided to pull out at mile 10. Very happy with my choice. I drove home and still was happy with my not finishing- I was warm finally!

Charlottsville VA 26.2 Saturday April 2 nd

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