Friday, May 5, 2017

5k way too short

I raced a 5k 2 weeks ago as speed prep for the Pittsburgh marathon 

I dislike 5ks but race them as directed by my coach for speed leg turnover
I warmed up for 3 miles. Felt ready.
The gun went off. Not ready. Lol

Drowning and slagging in my breath. Help help in my brain. I triaged in and on in the mile. Our lead went down a wrong street for .1 miles before seeing the mistake. Fun. That added almost 20 seconds.
Still dying inside . Made it to the finish my throat on fire. A PB - a small one but one non the less!
Whoo. Thank gosh. I was fourth women)

I then immediately did 8 miles cooldown for 15 miles.
Coach- McKirdy Training 
Skechers GORun 5 for shoes and Skechers Kit
Swiftwick socks 
Amrita bar pre race
Run gum
Honey Stinger 1 gel
CocoaElite protein shake post race 2 hours later
FeedYourCrazy trucker hat
Post race Rabbit tank and shorts 
NUUN hydration tab post race in water 


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