Sunday, November 10, 2013

Manchester NH Race Recap. USATF-NE Championship Marathon and #89th 26.2

Last Sunday was the Manchester NH marathon - Sub State # 43 for my goal trying and I was running for the CMS Women's team. Had to do well. The day dawned cold, 30 degrees, windy and overcast- fun :) 
So I bundled up and ran to the start. On point until mile 12, had my splits on time for a 310-306 finish ... Then the glute started soreness again- I had this pain from CT Marathon 3weeks prior. I tend to do too many miles and was not rested.
I took 3 Advil - I know- not good, but I had to finish for the team. Hurt bad, this was very hilly too, 900 total feet of climb, finished in  323, good enough for 19th women and 9th in age group. 
Helped the team to third place which was wonderful. NOT the time I had to do not what I felt I had been able to do in training . Lessons learned. Fun time with the Team- wonderful support. 
I had my Karhu Flow Lights on and my Craft shorts- both were perfect for the marathon. 
Thanks always to Karhu and my coaches  Jake Gillette and Justin Gillette for the coaching. 

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