Thursday, November 6, 2014

NH marathon number 99

On It was a cold start and windy in Manchester NH

35 and head gusts up to 60 mph fun! 
Made it to the start with an extra throwaway vest and hoodie on complete frozen already . 

I paced with my teammates to the half at on on time pace for a 319 finish . Feeling good. Took 2 GU and tried to hydrate well. Then the winds started.

Miles 16-19 in my face on an uphill climb. This little one could not push the pace anymore. The rest ofmy journey was trying to keep an even stride while keeping a steady pace. 

Made it in. Helped my team as much as I was able.

I was happy to finish this series as now I was an official USATF-NE GrandPrix series Ironman !! This was for completed each race for the year. 
Exhausted. ....
I love my CMS team 

Number 100 next Sat the. 8th 

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