Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ultra First and USATF-NE 5 mile Race

The Sweltering Summer 8 hr and marathon was last Sat, August the 8th. My first race over 26.2 and I felt good. The weather was warm, but we had some cloud cover later in the day. Each lap was on an oval track and was .334 miles in length.

I paced myself at a slower pace Thani wanted per my coach, this proved to be the best strategy of course!

Every 3 miles I would stop for a drink or a gummy, GU chomp, or a few m n m's. This I did for the 8 hours. the time Flowe by. I realized I almost had the record in hand and sped up in hour 7, alas, did not beat it by 3 miles.

I won the women's division and was third for 8 hour overall) 

Too cool. 

I felt fine and could of continued a bit. Glad I was feeling this way. Mentally the miles ticked by .

Sunday I raced the Naraganset 5 mile Grand Prix with my CMS Team. 

I did a 2 mile warm up and my legs felt just a wee bit heavy, but not bad at all. I decided to see how I felt with my pace. I was able to keep a steady 650-710 pace then a 715 pace the last mile. I started to feel the effects of the 50 miles on Saturday. 

Ended the race on a good note and a 2 mile cool down . My team did so well ! 
Proud to be part of CMS and to be able to race on this very competitve circut. 

Overall of very brilliant racing weekend. Part of my recent successes have been in part to swimming laps daily. This has helped my legs and muscles do so much.

On to the Helsinki Marathon this Saturday. excited. 

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