Tuesday, May 3, 2016

OR BQ state # 45

So green and brilliant sun when I arrived Sunday. P's let pickup a breeze - did my warmup on Hayward field so I could see the start and finish.

Race Am. Busy. Lots of runners. Tired.

Started on pace and felt tired right off. So I took the first 2 miles slower. Ate a gel at mile 5 which helped.

On pace then till mile 14. Again tired.
Gel 2 and sports beans. Getting wRm out and the course was flat- way too much got my liking, mentally touch to stay on target.

I tucked in for the last 6 miles and tried to pick it up / could not for my target goal of 315:
Tired and my legs were very heavy. Too much lack of sleep and nutrition,

I made goal B which was a BQ state for OR and a sold effort.
Only 5 mores states to redo for a BQ time in every state

Confident to pick my pace up for an all out effort for Run the Red marathon in 2 weeks.

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