Tuesday, May 31, 2016

MI #111 26.2


The weather turned out perfect , too humid though , overcast with high humidity, 70

Perfect pre race, sleep good, breakfast 2 hours before. Felt tired, but well

The first half even split at 141, goal A was 138, 

Second  half even again. Could not race it in but kept pace, health concerns and healthy weight gain is needed for a proper pace push!!! I felt as though I was falling forward! Almost passed out at finish, hot hot , but made it

4th age group award, 22nd women in over 500!!

Next up Lake Placid 26.2 
Goal A 312

Karhu , Only Atoms, Amrita, Lace Locker, Honey Stinger, NuttZo, Swiftwick perfect nutrition and gear 🌟

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