Monday, July 31, 2017

Amrita Ambassador

For the past 3 years I have been with the Amrita family as an athlete ambassador. I have loved this journey for many reasons!
I am a health conscious vegetarian athlete and Amrita bars are healthy, protein filled and vegetarian to fit my needs. They are perfect for pre and post race fuel. I eat one half before a race and then a full bar 2 hours later. The bars are great for my stomach- no issues ever and the protein in the bars keeps me full.I love Amrita in that I have met other talented ambassadors and have been able to share race highs and lows along with training runs with them. Right now you can use the code ' amritatrial ' at checkout for buy one get one variety packs!

I have shared my love of Amrita with my running friends and family. Many have become avid fans. 
My passion for top athlete fuel keeps me eating Amrita bars weekly! Thank you Amrita for the nourishment and support through my races! 
'amritatrial'  at checkout for the cool little variety packs 

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