Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Grand Island Trail

I've been making some nutrition changes over the past month and I saw a good change in race effort this weekend 

Very difficult Trail Marathon 
The day was quite humid and hot with mosquitoes all over the island !
The first 13.1 was composed of muddy trail, hills and beach The second was more of a dense inland trail- muddy with hills trees and roots.

I felt I went out a bit too hard and payed for it with my finish time overall
Effort high the entire race but I was able to maintain my pace- average and speed up on the downhills
I was the second women overall and 13th 

What I used and worked beautifully :

Skechers GORUN 5
Swiftwick 12' in pink
Nathan Vaper Howe Hydration Vest
FeedYourCrazy Trucker
NUUN in water for hydration 
One half packet of CocoaElite Cocoa Bannana
Endurance drink
Honey Stinger gel (2)
Honey Stinger gummies 1 pack
RunGum 2 pieces mile 22
Amrita bar- pre race one half 

I thank all of my sponsors for the support so great !!!!

Message me for additional discounts as well always and questions 

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