Monday, March 3, 2014

Motivation - Runners Paradise - Taper coming up

Lovely weekend! Saturday first belted out 12 miles on the treadmill with speed work. Awesome workout. 

I then traveled the Greater River Running Company store outside of Boston. Great store. Picked out a zip up from and Swirlgear ! Loved my time and gear! 

On then to USATF NE High School Indoor Championships . What an inspiration these young racers were. My co workers daughter won the huddles ! So much fun .

Sunday did a hilly 20 mile run with the CMS Women's coach. Felt strong and ready to tackle and get a fast time for The RnRoll DC Marathon and then The New Bedford half marathon in 2 weeks! 

I am the running ambassador for Healthe Organics and they named a protein bar with me- Eno Protein Bar. They are so tasty and I am very proud to be a part of their company. 

Taper in one week. State Sub 4 number 45 and marathon 93
Love my shirt ! 

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