Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Alaska marathon number 97

I made it to Anchorage after 3 flights. Woke up ready to run Wayy to early as the time change was four hours! Nice shake out run by the base of the mountains . 

The marathon was Sunday AM, which I would have liked to of been Saturday! The expo was small and fid not  have too many running items. Ready to race!!!

Race morning foggy and 50 degrees with a little drizzle. Almost perfect. I did not like the 9 am start time- much too late as I was ready at 6am to race!

The course wound back and forth along the rail trail outside of downtown, many loops and switchbacks along with up and down terrain. We had to dodge many half - marathoners and walkers which slowed the pace. 

Pretty but I did not see any wildlife . 
My stomach was not happy so stops were made, then hamstring jury o do do bad at mile 15 to 17- more slow down... 
 Felt great the last 10k, brought it in at a 645 pace. 

Second Women Overall and got a great award and gift card! 

Very happy to have my Sub 4 state done, #49. My time was not good at all, but I will take a top 3 and newspaper mention any day. 

I took 3 GU and 2sips of Gatorade at each water station. 

Karhu Fluids, LaceLockers over my laces in green , Knee compression socks from Swiftwick , SeeMeInTheDark Headband, Healtheorganics power bar to eat before the race. 

Team USATF-NE race this month Grand Prix 15 k. 

Alaska was beautiful .


  1. Which state do you still need for 50sub4?

  2. When you said you did not have a good time, I had to look it up. Your sub 3:30 time is excellent. Congratulations on your second place finish in Alaska.
    -- Nick Kanaracus, Worcester