Thursday, September 4, 2014

Team CMS and 5 mile

Last weekend was our CMS USATF-NE 's 15 k Championship race in Burlington VT. What a lovely area!! Ready to move. 

The race day dawned rainy and overcast with foggy like humid conditions. Hot. Steamy. Not fun(

Warmed for 3 miles- should of did 4. My leg was still stiff for the first 3 miles in and then I felt dizzy and very wobbly- the heat I was not ready for! 

I took a GU chocolate Gel and half a cup of water on the head and felt better. I then picked up the pace at mile 6 and was ready to race. By then though for a 15 k too late. 

I brought it in on a negative split with my leg feeling fine!! That was my goal. Happy. The team came in third out of tough competition! On my way to IronMan  Status for the year in USATF-NE if I complete the next 2 races, Lone Gull 10k and Manchester NH 26.2

The next day, Labor Day, I ran a five mile hilly hot race. Even warmer in the sun. Started with a four mile warm up which was perfect, ran faster than Sunday and yelled away from the pack at mile 3. Poured water on my head each stop!
Finished fourth women right behind the leaders( 8 seconds). Then I cooled down for 3 miles. Fun weekend with my friends. Feel like I have my faster wheels back on for the fall races. Solid training and nutrition. Thank you to all of my support ambassadorships so much.

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