Monday, June 16, 2014

A new Love and PR

Last weekend was my first Mountain race! Ha. Cool for this road running track girl. 

How about 3.7 miles, 12%grade, all uphill, in the woods? 

I loved it

My legs and breathing took about 5 minutes to say, oh my gosh.... This is do hard... Then I figured out I had it and the rest was truly a challenge but wonderful ! 
Next weekend is Mt. Washington which will be double Mt. Ascutney , same grade, 7.8 miles. Whoooo!! Trail running is a blast. My legs seem to like it. 
I ended up third in my age group .

Yesterday was a Team USATF-NE race, 5 miler in NH.

Hot day. 

Not too ready yet. I dumped water over my head at mile3 and felt better then tucked my tank up. Pushed on.

The team open division , which I am in, was third!!! Too cool . I ended up to 15, new PR by 2 minutes. I am really a distance runner, so my short race times are not too fast at all. 

Making progress!

My legs felt good and a n negative split the last 2 miles, just give me 20 more miles and I would of had a blast. 

Thank you to my sponsors for the wonderful gear and products. I have much positive support. 
Now on to the top of the Mountain Sat.

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