Saturday, June 28, 2014

The rock pile

Mt. Washington 

What can I say. It was epic. It was do so hot. It was freezing cold. A mental game. A breathing challenge.

Cannot wait for next year. Redemption .

The first 2 miles were spot on pace, about 11:00 per mile. I was going for a top 20 placing for sure, feeling great, breathing well. The first 4 miles or so were at a 8 to 12% grade. 

Then I got so hot, sweating, my heart was going to bust)! so I walked for a minute. I then picked the pace up. I passed a strong women with an Ironman tattoo - thought to myself ,  " that's encouraging" 

I saw one of my great running friends at mile 6, Jim Roche, he gave me a hug and a piece of chocolate . Feeling good now. 

Then the wind came down the mountain, it went from 55 degrees to 35 quickly. I started to see mountain men walking DOWN the slope with full parkas and furs on, the fog started to roll in, I was seeing goats in the mist.... Surreal 

The top of the race was so cold, windy, could not feel my hands. And then the last grade of the race was 12%!!! 

Finished, almost fainted, Woozy, frozen, done! Age group 8th!! Our CMS open team I am in was third!!! Still. 2015, top 10. I love theMountain races. 
Next up Loon Mountain US Championships July  6th. 

Karhu Flow Trail shoes

See me in the dark custom tank

Swiftwick compression socks

GU Watermelon Chomps

Pre race energy bar

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